Kibiy Electric Groin Hair Trimmer Body Groomer for Men

  • Safe, Hygiene, and Sharp Blade – Kibiy body hair trimmer comes with an R-shaped stainless steel blade and a ceramic blade to minimize nicks, cuts, and burns. The body trimmer provides a smooth and comfortable shave on the groin, stomach, chest, and arms.
  • IPX7 Waterproof – Men’s body hair trimmer supports both wet or dry shave, even in the shower. This body grooming trimmer includes a removable and washable blade head, cleaning in seconds with less effort.
  • Guide Comb for Safe Trimming – The electric trimmer is equipped with a protective comb and an adjustable guide comb(3/6/9mm) to ensure safety and meet different hair length needs. Note: For intimate areas, install the protective comb or the guide comb, then shave slowly to ensure safety. For a close trim, install the protective comb and stretch the skin with your hands to make sure the skin is flat for a close and safe shave.
  • LED Light and Mirror Reflection – The LED light and mirror do a great job to trim the hair around areas that are not visible for a safe and thorough shave. keeping men’s intimate areas clean makes men more proactive when it comes to their health.
  • Rechargeable Groin Trimmer – After 90 minutes of charging time, this men’s body groin trimmer brings 120 minutes of shaving time. Kibiy men’s shaver supports charging with computers, laptops, power banks, etc. A father’s day gifts for dad. (This model is not type C rechargeable)



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Why do we need a pubic hair trimmer for men?

According to the American Cancer Society, about 1 in 250 men will develop testicular cancer, so the ball trimmer is a must-have for men to keep intimate areas clean and healthy. Manscaping went on to enjoy unparalleled popularity in the past decade, so there is an entire industry dedicated to mens body groomers.

Benefits of Manscaping:

  • Clean areas to where bacteria, sweat, and urine can cling
  • For better breathing
  • Reduce sweating
  • Makes you look, ahem… bigger
  • Benefits your lover


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How to use men’s body shaver?

Please charge the ball shaver for men before using it for the first time, gently place the sliver side of the blade flat against your skin with the soft ceramic side up.

Warm tips:

It is recommended to shave no more than once a week otherwise the skin will irritate.

Applying pre-shave oil or warm water to soften the hair for a smoother shave.

Shaving in a hot shower relaxes your balls, stretching the skin for an easier shave.

It’s important to stretch your ball skin while shaving to ensure safety.

Splash cold water on the skin to close pores after shaving.

And we recommend replacing your blade regularly to keep it sharp for maximum performance.(3~6 months).

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